Trump Organization executive Allen Weisselberg pleads guilty to tax fraud

Trump Organization executive Allen Weisselberg pleaded guilty on Thursday to 15 criminal tax fraud charges alleging that he and the Trump Organization participated in a scheme to evade federal, state, and local taxes.

So? Does this make Biden a great president?

biden pleads guilty to nothing… Not even the fact he is this Nations worst President and dragging our Great Nation into a third world Banana Republic. I’d love to hear his limited supporters tell us how they are better off Now than just a short 2 years ago. FJB and all his supporters.

We all know that’s not Joe’s only “dirty little secret”. I want some investigation into him showering with his daughter and her claiming this made her a sex addict. Her words, not mine. How about his ties to the KKK, China, Ukraine, and all his connections to Hunter’s “business” partners.