We the Government not We the People

Thomas Massie
Apr 2
Do you know who invented the zip-it drain cleaner? Want to know why companies rip him off now? My patent bill would allow inventors like Gene Luoma to have their day in court. If you’ve ever wanted to invent something, this video is well worth your time!

Our court systems have been broken for a long time.

You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

22 life’s a day

Lester Holt is pissed that he’s not allowed to talk about this


Play it Johnny


Now it’s stuck in your head for awhile :joy:

This is what the Uniparty is striving for, total control over he who does not believe in what the Minister of Truth tells you is the truth


there cannot be any outrage from those who have been compromised or they will suffer from their exposure

Protecting SCOTUS from white supremacy


Just like every day Americans, Congress members struggle to survive



just go down to the border to get your free health care, baby formula and a free plane ticket to any red state you pick

The rich get richer as parasitic politicians continue building their wealth in a job that was never intended to be a career. Meanwhile, all us working stiffs continue to work for less and less as the price of everything soars.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?
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We really need term limits The late Fritz Hollings repeatedly said that elections were term limits but we all know that the longer a politician is in office , the more power and sway $$$$ he accumulates and the more difficult it is to vote them out we do not need any more Pelosi’s or Schiffs or Grahams or McConnells the founding fathers plan was to have fresh minds flowing into congress. I would like to see the election period remain the same with a 2 term limit

Term limits I believe would require a constitutional amendment…

Why No Term Limits for Congress? The Constitution (thoughtco.com)

An easier, faster, and prolly just as effective method would be for the congress to make a rules change, and “limit” the number years members can serve on each committee… As an example: make it were a member can only serve 4 years max on any committee, or 8 years max in total for all committees… Sure would make these career folks less appealing to re-elect since they wouldn’t garner as much power within congress…

I thought of this idea myself, and unless I am missing something… It would work from a technical/procedural perspective… I just don’t believe congress would make these rules changes, and would make up some far-fetched reason why… Parties gotta protect that power…

fNatureboy, I believe most of the country would be behind Term limits… It’s ones in office that help make the laws that wouldn’t want them. There is no question most congressmen gain more power and money the longer they are in office. Just take a small sample and look at their net worth before and after serving.

Fred. It’s the ones that go to Washington and sell influence or get illegal stock info ans amass huge campaign chests full of $$$. The support friendly causes amongst constituents and practically buy votes. Some limits that could stop influence peddling ( like Hunter was doing) and other laws to limit gaining wealth from office. Congress was never intended to be a carrier. Limit the $$$ and the golden parachutes and the country will be better for it.

Lies disinformation conspiracy theories fear mongering and gender confusion. Liberal stock in trade

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