Unhinged Radical Opposition

When will the FBI stop these white supremacy violent attacks like Joe said were the greatest threat to our democracy?

Come on man!

But if Gaetz were a Uniparty member the unhinged radical left winger would get life in solitary confinement

‘I hope you die naturally’: Adam Kinzinger posts video detailing death threats | The Independent

Baby Gaetz…

trump gaetz mugshot

Gaetz among 20 House Republicans who voted against anti-human trafficking bill | The Hill

Gaetz, who is currently under investigation by the Department of Justice for sex trafficking allegations involving a minor, was among the Republicans who opposed the bill that aims to bolster programs including shelters, mental health care, education and job training for victims of human trafficking.”

Unhinged far left wing radical

That’s the kind of trash that needs to go.

Biden’s divisiveness and dog whistles for violence is occurring. Radical left wingers are starting to murder MAGA Americans

Keep your head on swivel and stay clear of the left wing radicals on here. Ignore function is better then being harmed by a radical lunatic


Another violent attack from an unhinged far left wing radical following orders from Joe’s divisive speech filled with violence dog whistles to attack his political opposition that won’t follow his policies and ideology

Biden’s violent speech drastically increased and emboldened his side’s hate

Impeach him immediately!

The left is trying to procecute Trump for Jan 6th when he publicly stated to protest peacfully. He was not in charge of those being lead into the capital.

Biden gets on national T.V. and asks for violence against MAGA Americans and says we are traitors to our Country. And now some on the left are murdering people that are Republicans. Impeach Joe Now!