Vaxx Faxxts

Just trust the plan of Big Pharm and the Uniparty

Pfizer’s Power

  1. Pfizer Reserves the Right to Silence Governments.
  2. Pfizer Controls Donations.
  3. Pfizer Secured an “IP Waiver” for Itself.
  4. Private Arbitrators, not Public Courts, Decide Disputes in Secret.
  5. Pfizer Can Go After State Assets.
  6. Pfizer Calls the Shots on Key Decisions.

So many politicians are beholden to big corporations for donations, etc… No way they will ever bite the hand that feeds them unless it is the politically expedient thing to do. Getting rid of ALL lobbyists and requiring full disclosure on campaign contributions would go a long way in killing this kind of crap.

Hey Fred! Doesn’t this prove you were right?

Does anyone have any information on Prion Disease?

I hope many more truths come out about this money making vaccine that was more of a test of control vs freedom. They have a new version of this vaccine coming out of trials that is more of the traditional style rather than one that alters cell dna.

Guys stop being crazy—Justin Bieber’s facial paralysis and all the people dropping dead of “SADS” is obviously not because of the vaccine. Our leaders told us it’s perfectly safe, so stop asking questions. Be sure to get your boosters!

:thinking: did that :point_up: cause this :point_down:

any way to sample Biden for the vaccine cuz now I’m skeptical

I sees you be shucking, now you be’s jiving dere mistah rydahh

Why fo you say dat when jussin himseff say it aint so

I’s a lil’ steptic, dats all

Did Justin Bieber Get Ramsay Hunt Syndrome From Vaccine?! | Tech ARP

In a business the quickest short term way to make the bottom line look better is to have a huge lay off. Guess our government wants to make it’s bottom line look better. Lot’s of seniors out of the picture already.

Because I’m in the tomorrow’s news today business :+1:

Tomorrow’s jab news today

that last video in the article sounded like Fred trying to warn folks

No mas no mas

What’s Fauci’s position on this?

Hey Fred remember all the arrows we ducked for not accepting the mob media propaganda?

yes sir I do. I remember fauci telling us all in 2019 the vaccine was not the way to go… Natural immunity was the ticket. Now so many want to argue this point after the facts are irrefutable? It is now proven that those vaccinated are more likely to get covid than those not vaccinated. Here comes the argument and twists…

Could this be a helpful start?

Remember their actions

This is good news for vaccines adverse effects

I still believe the answer is to re-purpose drugs

TRUTH SOCIAL, a Right Wing Radical Propaganda Outlet. There is lots and lots of room over there.

Let them eat cake. This would be a good add for the next elections.

Thank the good Lord for people like Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and others that HOLD FAST

Hopefully the 22 America First Congress will prosecute Fauci, Collins and their cohorts that put Americans through he11 with their lies.