Vaxx Faxxts

I wonder how many actually have died from the vaccine rather than covid. We all now know the vaccine did not prevent covid as our President told us it would. Something we will never know, the complete truth over.

Trillion $ law suit

A 20 cents pill was the cure. These are evil people that hate us.

Who should be held accountable for myocarditis and Sudden Death Syndrome?

I think CDC, and Fauci should be held accountable. they went against science from the beginning and now 40+ thousands people dead and hundreds of thousands are injured becasue the government pushed this experiment on its people.

After the next election Dr. Rand Paul is going to bbq Fauci on this and for lying to congress

You notice the new Pfizer adds? They are not pushing the vaccine any more. They are now pushing the pill for the treatment of covid. Where was this treatment when so many were dying and the vaccine was ineffective?

Times are a changing and things would change if allowed

A crime against humanity?

Remember all the hate spewed against us and now it’s proven that we were right?

Where is the proof?

Read the above post.

Bay, My Brothers and I were doing some yard clean up and Mom’s and my middle brother still will not acknowledge that I felt right in refusing the vaccine, but rather instists I still go get it!! Love him to pieces, but I told him he needs to get his head out his butttt, and don’t take all our government tells us as the gospel.

When our CDC comes out and says the first shot is only 5% effective and it only goes up to 20% after the third shot… Nope. Remember when they first said it was 96% effective? That was a lie. I can’t fault anyone for getting the vaccine and maybe some needed it. But to tell me if I get corona without the vaccine I may die or worse yet if I don’t get the vaccine I’ll be killing others!!! Well people, I got the corona and I did not die, yea it was a miserably week, but I’ve had the Flu worse.

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Soooooo, now WHO and Bi xing call the Covid “nearly over”,???

Well friends, my friends and family are getting Covid at MUCH higher rate now AFTER getting shots + booster???

Most getting Covid for the SECOND or third time now, while NEVER getting the virus before taking the vaccines???

And NO they did not wear masks constantly in public before taking the vaccines(NOT REALLY vaccines of course more lies) , proving again that we have been lied to constantly???

Easy, did you know that the CDC and Fauci himself has now stated that wearing a mask may give you 5% better protection against the bug, but that is only if you are less than 10 min in an exposed area. A mask to the virus is like a screen door to air. I’m sure if you sneeze or cough up a big loogy while wearing a mask it contains a lot of it, but not by a long measure all of the microscopic virus bugs.

Democrat boot licker Scott Pelley was in awe of pedo Joe last night and got him to say the pandemic is over because he cured it with multiple jabs to save big pharm’s 10% to the big guy

Get a real cure

Joe says the pandemic is over but a new group of democrat science deniers has arisen with radical opposition to a sitting president and this is outrageous! There’s no place for radicals creating division when the president’s goal is unity!

We must impeach these radicals!

Truth from half white Barry Soetero?

I’m that 1 in 5. What gets me is people like my brother wanting to get more boosters after he’s had Covid!! Why get a booster if you’ve already had covid, that is the best protection you can ever get, even Fauci agrees. There is no vaccine as effective as natural immunity.

The only people in our family that are now having medical issues are the ones that chose to get vaxxed and boostered but it’s just an unfortunate coincidence

Fauci must fry

Fauci says sorry about your luck but it’s money in my pocket

Unfortunate coincidences