Vaxx Faxxts

Nice to see people are finally getting reparations for being FORCED to take an experiment. Hopefully this continues. I read on Epic Times that other countries are silently paying people with vaccine injuries.

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Keeping you informed

Looks like it’s now in the congressional record that the vaxx does not prevent covid19 infections as perpetuated by several elected officials and agencies and there was never an FDA approved vaxx

Is this the place we put vaxx facts?

Asking for a friend of my wifes 1st cousins nephew in law.

Well yes it is thanks for asking

Here’s a story with a shlit load of links with information, data and front line reports filled with vaxx faxxts

Hope it’s helpful

I read all that, really I did. I quit counting the eye rolls and head shakes I did somewhere around two dozen.

But I did as requested and learned about his “cluster” in hopes I could help my wifes first cousins nephews friend.
Remember its him I am asking for, not me. I believe the jab upped my immunity and helps me fight future infections, but you already knew that.

So anyway, I started thinking about Mr Root and why he may be writing such op eds, cause I’m skeptical of anyone making a buck via opinions,you know the anderson cooper and jimmy kimmel wannabe types.

…so I googled him and youll never guess what I found out.

I think Ill wait a while before getting back to my wifes 1st cousins nephews friend. Remember, him not me. Im just trying to make sense of it all

Glad you’re a skeptic it will help you and your loved ones moving forward. I do know some people that got 1 jab early and are perfectly fine even after getting Covid after the jab.

Thought you would have known Root since he graduated the same year from the same college as Barry Soetero but he nor his classmates ever remember him being there just like a ghost.

SOOOOOO, this overview is from Google, calls Mr. Root a ““far right Conservative”” who has ““conspiracy theories””, sounds right for Google, etc. to call ANYONE who questions the vaxx a CONSPIRACY THEORY person, same as the trolls on this site do CONSTANTLY???

The man is a writer, so if that AUTOMATICALLY makes him suspicious, so be it, and (33) people known by one couple who died IS suspicious to say the least, BUTTTT if he was liberal we know he would NEVER be questioned by liberals???


If polly and bob had a kid his name would be easyrider.

No… Come on Man! That’s not right ef. Polly and bob mixed to become Easyrider?!! But what would I know, I’m crazy as a scat house loon for wanting to use life sentenced criminals organs to help society and save tax payer money. :wink: :smiley:


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Hey @Bolbie

You think a mega democrat donor knows more then Fauci?

You’re probably going to have to send larger donations and more often to cover their losses