War with China

Keep hearing on the news how China is becoming more aggressive. Especially after our wino speaker of the House made an uninvited visit.
This country needs to wake up and smell the roses.
China could cripple this country within 30 days. Just shut the supply chain down. Yes that would hurt their economy. But it would stop the USA in its tracks.
Most of the stuff to make pharmaceuticals come from China. Obviously computer chips already has automobile industry hosed up. They’re even making circuit boards for our weapon systems, unbelievable.
Look around your house. Most all your everyday stuff comes from the dinks.
Unbelievable that we have let ourselves to come so dependent on another country.

Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote, found Chinese software program on Dominion voting machines that listed election poll workers names, addresses, children’s names and their social security numbers. Gave this information to the FBI and they started harassing and investigating her. She’s the same lady that the black communist congressman Elijah Cummings went after during Obama’s regime with the IRS and FBI. She went to the Arizona sheriffs with the Chinese software and they started an investigation into it. They are currently networking all sheriffs departments in America as an end run around the FBI. #TigerProject #ThePit

The Taiwan visit went quiet. Pelosi goes to Taiwan after her husband does some insider trading on computer chips. Taiwan is the World’s largest supplier of computer chips. Coincidence?