Way out of line

Bob. You should never carry your garbage to a newcomers fishing report. This is why the site is in such trouble and losing members.

SHUN FLAG BLOCK LEAVE …Your choice. I just hate to see stupidity showing on a fishing post. Why would you even want to do that.

No, people like you is why this “SIGHT” is in trouble.

It seems like the minority is trying to shout down the” vast right wing conspiracy “*
Please keep your crap off a decent fishing forum question thread

*HRC said this


I just put all of the troublemakers on ignore. Its so much more entertaining when you don’t have to see all of the trash they post. Try it; its a different website without them.

That wasn’t a fishing report, and it wasn’t even in the fishing report forum… Looked like a request for a fishing spot… We know that anyone that’s smart doesn’t give out that info publicly… Or, at least the good spots where someone might catch something…

There you go again trying to suppress Free Speech. Get you some help and PLEASE SHUN PLEASE FLAG PLEASE BLOCK PLEASE LEAVE

Yeah, PLEASE LISTEN to this man.

Not true. Pork chop was asking for general area fishing information which anyone here would be pleased to provide

We shouldn’t have to put up with this crap. I shouldn’t have to block a fellow member. The problems will be gone and I will declare mission acomplished

He posted in the inshore discussion forum. The correct place for his question

Boo Hoo Boo Hoo Boo Hoo
:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:
One thing for sure, you do more whining than everyone else combined.

Yep, and you stated it was a fishing report which would have put in the wrong forum if it was one as I already stated…

He doesn’t know whether he’s washing or hanging out. Trump has the same 5-year-old mentality.

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I’m with Ricky, IGNORE these bozos. The sooner EVERYONE stops acknowledging these clowns, the sooner they will go away and infect some other site. Don’t feed these fools.

YES PLEASE: SHUN FLAG BLOCK LEAVE. Y’all keep crying this but no one can do it. No self-control.
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