We knew this was coming-Bum Wrecks Medicare...


Well, looks like all you younger folks can look forward to taking care of your invalided parents, grand parents etc.
My next door neighbor is already doing that thanks to Medicare cuts.
Grand Ma gets fed by hand thrice daily, diapers changed as necessary and so forth.
The Bum and the rest of gov’t employees do not give a dam as they have good health insurance.
Any Senior who votes for Hillary is crazy!
Bum is killing off the unborn thru Planned Parenthood and the old thru Medicare.
He ranks right up there with mass murders.
His methods are different but just as effective.

Well, I’m 70. Just spent 3 weeks in a hospital (ICU for 4 days, 50% chance of survival), then a rehab facility for another 5 weeks with wound VAC attached, finally home yesterday to finish healing the wound. Doubtful the hospital will get a bonus. Got operated on for a bad gall bladder, then a much more invasive surgery to fix what got f**ked up the first time, and the insueing infection that was probably only hours away from going septic. Thank you, MEDICARE … :dizzy_face:

Glad to hear you survived!
That’s a brutal session you had.
Sounds like you got short shrift on the operations and follow up care.
I’m 78, well past Zeke “Euthanasia” Emanuel’s plan of 75 years and dead.
Not law yet; may be soon the way things are going.
Living on borrowed time, I guess.
If you’re old and need an operation or other care; get it now!
Pretty soon you will be denied care if you are old.

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The amazing thing is Obama came right and said it in a town hall on TV. When asked by a woman if her elderly otherwise healthy mother would get a joint replacement under the new philosophy/system, Obama’s response was that some people would not warrant the expense and would just get drugs to manage the pain.

Anyone that is getting older knows that if/when you stop using a joint it cascades into further loss of function in the surrounding area. Loose a knee, or have significant trouble with a knee and you walk less. Walk less and you immediately have lots of other problems chasing you. If you don’t maintain the body, it stops working. But, hey, at least you’ll have good drugs, right?!

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