What’s next?

My guess is that Mr Science (Fauci) will fade away into the woodwork and Biden will relax all vaccine and mask mandates and declare a victory over covid and accept complete credit for wiping out the disease. Once the reporting is narrowed down to only counting actual covid deaths to cases not involving car accidents and other contributing factors Biden will be able to show a huge reduction in deaths and claim hero status.

HRC and allies will throw every roadblock possible in front of the Durham results and there will be several witnesses involved in deadly accidents.

The Republicans will take the house and Senate in the mid terms and mess up Biden’s nap schedule.

The next 3 presidents will be Republicans serving 2 terms each. Trump or De Santis will be the next president

The Climate Change hoax will be exposed because just like history has taught us NONE of the horrifying predictions will come true

Those like Poly will continue to suffer from testicular weakness and remain in their safe places

It is my hope that CFC can recover from the damage done by the trouble makers . I do not miss the vile name calling and insulting posters

No one is ever going to fix the mess in Washington because the mess was made by the very people that benefit from said mess. They gain nothing by fixing the system and holding folks accountable. Just like term limits. The rats and parasites will never limit how long they can keep their snouts shoved into the public trough.

The average voters are sheep. They vote based on little actual knowledge of a candidate, single issues or for whomever they think will give them the most free stuff. You should have to pass a test to vote. The founding fathers would be horrified.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?

Leaked preview of Biden’s State of the Union speech

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This is the issue — right here https://t.co/9btP5pYG2f

That’s why I keep beating the Convention of States drum. The States MUST use the provided Constitutional mechanism to constrain the federal gov’t to appropriate limits.

On that front, CoS has passed the SC House. And, this past week, the SC Senate Judiciary Subcommittee passed it and sent it forward. Need full Senate to pass it, now. Call/email your Senators repeatedly and push this.

CoS is making real progress. 17 States have passed a resolution. Need 34. Active pushes in many other states. See - https://conventionofstates.com/.

Scroll down a little to see a clickable national map.

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thanks for that map, I didn’t realize the Convention of States was gaining so much traction.

I’ve seen a few post about it on this sight and other places. If this climate change was so real why would those pushing it so hard be purchasing land on the coastline? It just takes a little common sense to figure these climate fearmongers don’t believe what they want us all to. Just more ways to gain Control and lessen our Freedoms.

I still think our World is cooling down. We sure don’t have the volcanic activity that was around just a 1000 years ago.