What Trump’s tariffs have cost the U.S. economy

The latest studies suggest the combination of new tariffs and increased trade policy uncertainty create a substantial drag on the economy as a whole: net losses projected for 2020 are between about $500 and $1700 per household.


And it’s cost to me between $300 & $400 more a month on gas.

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dude you must be on some good mushrooms.
Under trump this country had the lowest unemployment rate in 60 years, lowest ever black unemployment and hispanic unemployment, energy independance, border crossing all but ceased, lower taxes, lower gas prices, lower food costs. Got us out of the silly money pit of the paris climate accord where we give billions for other county’s to fight so called MMCC when Asia and China do NOTHING in their countries. No wars, North Korea under check, Everything was better!
This administration doesn’t care about the tax payers or it’s people. it just wants control. instead of spending billions on school security, they spend billions on more IRS agents to come after middle class and business owners. instead of praising those on the front line in health care they force experimental vaccinations or leave your job. Even his speech last night was the most divisive speech ever by a sitting president. Basically if you don’t agree with big government then you are a terrorist. What a goon!

And that was yesterday and yesterday is GONE

That’s true Lowell. Biden has ruined everything . We were using our own oil , food prices were down and we were not on a recession

That was very true Bob. The better times were yesterday and yesterday is gone.

You’re right ByeDon ruined everything for Trump. Sent him down the road packing all those US top secret documents.

Lowell. , I just do not believe that you are a far left liberal. How could a man with a military background that saw his fellow marines shot and killed support a president that obviously checked his watch 8 times while dead bodies that he was responsible for in flag draped caskets. I don’t believe that you could look at your handsome grandson and believe that abortion is ok, and I don’t believe that you believe that you support accepting queers and all manner of perverts as normal.

Same old story, no discussion or debate with liberal policies of ignorance is justifiable period???

ONLY looking for negativity, hate, and destruction of one’s OWN nation is intolerable???