Where’s Hunter?

Bob, you know what you are missing? Think about this before hating me for speaking the truth. You come up with all these photo shopped pics of Trump. With Biden nothing needs to be photo shopped nor does any of his speeches need to be twisted to see how deep in the on set of dementia he is and how bad he is for our country. Bob, the man took showers with his daughter!!

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Old enough to remember when Joe said he had nothing to do with his son’s business. When will Lester Holt play the video of Joe in the shower with Ashley?

I believe Bay and the other Drumpf crazies just have a bad case of weenie envy with Hunter… Pics show HB has a big wanker, and the Drumpf crazies hate him because their Demagogue has a tiny weenie according to Stormy who definitely knows…

This shouldn’t offend anyone and be flagged since all the CFC cabal have ignored RBF… :shushing_face:

Joe took showers with his daughter Ashley, Hunter had sex with his niece 14 years old Natalie yet neither one of them have been charged with child molestation or incest.


Nor was Hillary arrested for sending Top Secret Emails on a public server and getting our men in Benghazi Tortured and murdered.

So where exactly is the laptop. Was it lost? I know it was finally authenticated and proven to be Hunters.

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There are copies all over the world and every world leader has one. If the alphabet agencies weren’t arms for the Uniparty who love Biden because he’s weak and ineffective, the whole Biden crime family would be in prisons. This gives the Uniparty free control to enforce their agenda on you. Red flag laws, more censorship and more cultural rot to propagandize the weak minded. The Uniparty needs unarmed sheep to keep control.

Wonder if Paul Pelosi and Hunter ever got schittface drunk and then snorted lines off a hookers upper frontals?

asking for a friend

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Ask Drumpf and Drumpf jr… I’m sure they would have been there participating…

I bet Paul Pelosi skates away clean on this one.

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For the go along to get along in the middle here’s an article from the centrist himself

It’s obvious to a majority of Americans that Hunter is a national security problem that has compromised Joe’s interests in foreign affairs.

TRUTH SOCIAL, a Right Wing Radical Propaganda Outlet.

Isn’t this an impeachable offense or worthy of resigning in shame?

Cp “And of course, when compelling evidence arose that Biden is actually entangled in his son’s foreign business dealings, despite having denied even discussing them, Biden apologists responded with their standard deceptive deflection — it’s all Russian disinformation.”

Lies disinformation conspiracy theories and gender confusion Stock in trade for Democrats.

Biden’s shining accomplishment. Allowing transgenders in the military and teaching woke ideals to our service men. (They will hate their guns)

His most disappointing personal failure. - the disinformation board.

The disinformation Board!!! What a freaking joke!! I wonder it that qualifies for calling someone Loonie?