Where’s Hunter?

Yep, the swamp is real. Sadly too many on both sides are swimming in it. I say this because the Right should be going after all the corruption … At a bare minimum they should be both feet in the Hunter fiasco, but it seems only a small handful on the “right” are even bringing it up.

The some on the right are the Uniparty members that would rather have the status quo then lose their invitations to the DC cocktail party circuit and have the state controlled media interview them to tell you they’re going to get to the bottom of this. Revealing Hunter may reveal them.

Bay it would probably shock us all to know how many in DC have made money over in Ukraine and from Hunter’s business partners. I wonder how many millions Joe has put in the Bank from Hunter using his position when he was VP?

How many times has the Big Guy had covid19?


controlled demolition. Just can’t make this stuff up. Sure, let’s put Hunter behind bars, but don’t forget to add Joe to the cell.

If only Joe had talked to Hunter about his business deals with our foreign enemies he would have known the reasons for Hunter’s new pearly whites