0% Ethanol

The Exxon at Rivers and Aviation advertises 0% Ethanol. I stopped, and their pumps do not have the “may contain up to 10% Ethanol” stickers, and they were also inspected in May’09, so I topped off.

Not sure if this is a hoax or not … anyone?

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Its just the exxon plus grade thats 0 ethanol. The 89 octane. I spoke with the owner and he his 0 ethanol listed on his price board for just mid grade also.

i wonder if all exxons are like this??

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Russells Exxon on Savannah hwy has ethanol free gas too.

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I thought midgrade gas was a blending of high test and regular blended at the site. Am I misinformed? If that’s the case the midgrade would not be ethanol free. I’ve been wrong before and she’s still around!!!

Interesting. None of the pumps had the sticker that says it may contaicn 10% Ethanol.

I’ll check the Exxons in Mount P …

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I went in and asked at the Exxon on Ladson and Dorchester, and all pumps, all grades are Ethanol-free. I was sure to thank him

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Exxon at the corner of Rosewood and Kilbourne in Columbia is e-free.