1/2 cooler at Bulls Bay

Sandshark and I caught 1/2 cooler of mostly large shrimp between Bird Island and White Banks on Saturday. Looks like to us that you will only catch shrimp about 2 hours before and after low tide. Also we are catching them in shallow water.

Where are the other reports? A lot boats out there Friday and Saturday.

We where out next to White Banks Saturday all set for the tide to start coming in… After it did we made 5 or 6 runs on the poles, caught maybe 3 dozen shrimp… so we pulled poles and went into the creeks. found a spot that looked good and had a blast. Caught a few reds some over some under the slot and 1 keeper. A real nice sheep head, couple real nice trout (released them) and of course the obligatory dog fish and stingray. Over all it was a great day but sure do wish we could have put some more shrimp in the cooler…

My son and I went out Saturday afternoon during the dropping tide. Pretty rough at first but it calmed down at midtide. We ended up with 1/4 of mixed shrimp and left at sunset.