Went out Sunday and took my buddy with me. I did not even try to look for a school because of the conditions. Hit some spots that usually hold fish and they were in every single spot I went but one and hungry. Got them on z man shrimp color paddle tails but I think they would have hit any color.Caught one about 27 or so inches. I had another one the same size wrap around a pole. I got him unwrapped somehow and got him to the boat and then snap, lost him! Did not get my buddy a fish though. They were biting really light and you really had to make accurate cast or they would not hit it. Next time he will surely catch one. However, I cant believe he did not get one this trip. Right before dark we went to my trout hole and I had a monster chasing and rolling at my twitch bait, but he missed it all the way to the boat.

Cant believe I covered up his tail w my hand.

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