$1.97/lb baby backs at HT

with E-vic membership, limit 2.

perfect weekend to throw some on the smoke

Have you tried Costco’s pre-seasoned pork ribs? Dang good.

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017

negative, but now i will.

Speaking of Costco, i’ve been buying their 2lb bags of shelled pecans and smoking them with a modified dry rub that includes more brown sugar, cinnamon, and cumin. aluminum pan at 260-275, shake them every 5-10 minutes with heavy smoke till they’re evenly toasted. I do those as/after i’m finishing ribs or something, then as the coals drop off i put on a dozen boiled and peeled eggs at 220 or less till they’re tan colored. make deviled eggs and bring a mason jar of pecans to the next party, guaranteed hits.