1 month

Looking forward to another deer season, got a few nice ones on the Spypoint. Hopefully the wind cooperates one month from today.

Two months for us, since we only hunt WMA. We’re going tomorrow to hang a game camera in the spot my Daughter shot her big Buck last season.

Cowpeas in the ground have been beaten up good. This is the wettest year in the last few years for me for sure. I bet your food plots look awesome.

Nothing great showing up on cameras yet, but you’ll be the first to know!

“Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality.” --Peepod 07-25-2017

Everything I’ve planted has been chomped down. Even tried some milorganite… nothing worked this year to keep em off it. Even did one plot in all deer resistant wild flowers, Deer ate them too! First year they have attacked my azalea’s . Every leaf stripped off… they are coming back though. My friend has some new stuff he said you put one ounce to 100gallons and it will repel them?

I think I’ve seen more fawns this year than in my life. Got one big 8 in velvet and have seen a couple more, does out the wazoo. I’ve finally got permission from my wife to hunt around the house… as long as she sees nothing.

good luck everyone!

Release the hounds

I have 3 food plots. 2 are doing great. One is not. All 3 being hit pretty hard. Last fall we put out salt. Every day for 7 months deer smashed it. They kept digging up the dirt to get to it. I am beginning to wonder if I should stop doing food plots(save me a ton of money and labor) and just do salt and mineral licks.

2 weeks to go and I am getting excited.

Hunting, fishing, and poker are my sports. Work when necessary.

Hung a camera, and cleaned up her shooting lanes a little last week, in the spot she killed her big Buck last season. Lots of tracks on the two trails that pass by her tree. Planning to pull the card next weekend and see what’s traveling through there.

Can’t wait to see what y’all bring home…
I have not harvested a deer in over 25 years. I just renewed my fishing license last month & went ahead and got my big game also. My freezer is less than half full.
Working up here around Greenville for several years have got to know a few hillbillies up here around mountain rest, Westminster and Seneca.
They’re promising to put me on some deer and hogs this fall. And turkey next turkey season if I want… Bucket list… A deer and a hog with a handgun.
And a turkey with a bow.

Can’t wait to see your post with that monster your daughter is going to take down this year.

You find things offensive. I find things funny. That's why I'm happier than you.

22 life’s a day

She wants to hunt this spot solo this year, so we found another spot a few hundred yards further down the bank for me to sit while she does. Going to try to get her on some spot and stall Hogs along the Santee River this year too.