10-13 on the ledge.

Finally got the weather break yesterday to go offshore, SE winds light seas were good so went to the SW banks area and started trolling 5minutes in BAM long line started screaming! nice BFT. Trolled the area More with no takers. Went to Georgetown hole area got a nice wahoo, also got checked by the coast guard (first offshore for me) good feeling seeing them out there. Nice crew (on the small boat)that boarded, all was good but my flares (have total of about 28 plus two flare guns) when out of date earlier this year, they told me it’s fine to have for backups. Was given a warning ticket , Also I did a radio check with the big CG Cutter nice professional group. I WILL get new ones today. Good reminder for all on flares…ALL watercraft must have in-date flares onboard EAST of the Inland waterway That’s all boats reguardless of the length.(I didn’t know this) Quit trolling and stopped to about 100-125ft, limited on bottom critters, bontia all in that area too. Ride in was great, cruzing about 38mph, Love the fall fishing!!!:sunglasses:

Nice blackfin and a Whoo. Congrats.

The ENTER-NET Fisherman