10-21-13 Wando Fishing from the Kayak

So this may be my first (or one of the first) posts here. I just moved back a few weeks ago. I’ve been out on the Native Ultimate kayak now about 10 times… this is the first time I’ve posted. I used mostly Zman lures and the holy Trout Trick! The total was 2 reds, and 6-7 trout, two large ones got off at the edge of the kayak. The largest of the day: 27" 9lb Redfish, and a 19.5" trout which fought so hard at first I thought it was a small red, I was very impressed. Pictures below.

Very nice! Is that one of those Vudu shrimp in the first pic?

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DFreedom, yes it is. I like them under the popping cork. Caught a nice 16" flounder the other day, then the next cast caught a 25" red… I’m sold. Like them a lot better than DOA or Gulp shrimp.

Nice looking Fishes (especially that trout). i’m a fan of TT also and would now pick up a few Z-mans and put in the box.

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