10/3 @ the Jetty

Arrived an hour before high tide. Found a big school of pogies on the way out. I put three big pogies in the bait well for the big rod/reel. Anchored down at the jetty right around 9:30am. Lots of boats out there today. Nobody seemed to be on the fish. After an hour of nothing, it was time to put the pogies to work. Rigged the big combo with a live pogie off the back of the boat. Back to the sheep. SLAM, the big rig had a nice fish. After a ten minute battle, the fish won. We decided to half a pogie to see if we had any luck. BAM! Another fish on! And gone. Two lost fish. Time to change the strategy.

Steel leader + 1/2 a pogie =

One more pogie. Should have kept more! Halved the last pogie and into the water it went.
Steel leader + 1/2 a pogie + 2 rounds of defeat + overalls = 33 in Red Drum

Only a half a pogie left. Back on the steel leader. BAM! 34 in Red!

The sheep weren’t biting. The pogies were a gamble. The payoff was big! Nothing but smiles! That’s a good day at the jetties!