1000 boats went out

Where are all the reports??? Remleys was full by 5am.

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Wappoo was 3/4 full at 6 am. Every bottom fishing area from 90 to 200 ft had multiple boats on it. Lots of boats trolling at the ledge and out to 600 ft. We had two small dolphin and a skip jack tuna while trolling. The mahi were all solo. Couldn’t find any weed lines or good rips. No current either. We bottom fished for a bit in 180 ft and stayed right on the number. It was slick calm and glassy the entire ride in and out. Maybe a 1 ft swell at the ledge.

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In the wise words of LIKKA LOGGA, Great report!!!

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Same for us, slow day trolling for dolphin. Some boats were able to get into double digits, but no weed, no rips set up made it challenging. Fish were spread out. Upside for us was we ended up on some good bottom numbers in 165ft and pulled up 5 African Pompano, which in my opinion taste better than Dolphin!

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Dang, a sighting of the elusive 23sailfish. Now if we could just hear from Bonzo and The Pod.

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I trolled from 145, to 500’, nothing. Saw flying fish at 270’ and temp was 74 at 500’. Really nice run out, like a mirror. Headed in to some bottom fishing around 100’ and had a Buch if b liners and ARS.
Ride in was a bit sloppy
I heard a bunch of hailing for Sailfish on vhf

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Sailfish or Sellsfish?



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I’ll give. Sellsfish, myself, Steve and Capps went out for dolphin. Most slow reports seemed that they stopped too early for dolphin. We kept pushing in the same direction for 4+ hours and should’ve stopped and circled inside the first hour. We caught 2 fish early and 7 more in the same spot after wasting 3-4 hours. All fish teenagers or better. Biggest 24#. Only targeted Mahi and went 9 for 9 with no lost fish. Next trip is grouper. Leaving the jetties and entering them back was a *****. I was pleased how the new GF27 Coffin Box did.



2020 Gamefish 27 CB Twin Yamaha 200’s

I have never in my life seen Remely’s completely packed when i get there at my normal 4-415ish time in the morning, in all of my years, and in last 3 years putting 1300 hours on my boat, NEVER seen anything like that Tuesday. Every yahoo, probably googled how to catch mahi, was there, clogging up the ramp, trying to figure out how to get their buddy on the dock who parked the truck, not to mention the dock parkin mofo’s…Omg, and then top that , trying to get out the harbor and jetties without getting smashed into by a million amature idiots…never seen **** like tuesday, completely packed, maybe 15 boats if i got there late one day in the past but not, two or three parking spots left!~!!! Was unreal. MY buddy in the back kept looking up and around , said " feels like some sort of bass tournament". Hope this year isnt like this all the time, guess i’ll hAVE TO leave at 3 am and not sleep, (**()!

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Ahh, you are right, prob sellsfish, thx

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Much of the same for me. Absolute chaos leaving the harbor. Started at EB and found a broken line holding a log. Got 4 15-20# mahi. Pushed out looking for a temp break. Turned out to be a waste of time. Turned around to head back to ledge and once we got close we picked up two more. Same size. Found some good bottom and pulled up a nice gag and ARS.