My neighbor from across the creek called me at 8 AM on Saturday and asked if I wanted to go fishing. I hadn’t been outside yet, so of course I said YES! We left his dock at exactly 10 AM under windy and cold conditions, with a very high tide still rolling in. Can you say LAYERS of clothes?! First spot was not happening, so we made a bone-chilling ride to a trout spot. Finally got anchored at a point and absolutely killed the trout for over an hour with live shrimp under corks. Caught probably 25 and kept 7. Decided to go the never-fail redfish spot and caught some 15 fish and kept 9 (three people in the boat) under some very windy conditions. Largest was a 25" beauty and the keepers were between 16" and 21". All were fat, feisty, and hungry. Again, live shrimp under corks was the ticket. At around 3:30, we had enough and the Clemsom game was on. Not bad for a day that looked to be a complete washout based on conditions. Glad we went Saturday as Sunday was solid rain all day in our part of the Lowcountry. Go get you some as the fish are still cooperating! Tight lines and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Where did y’all get the live shrimp ?

From our creek. My neighbor keeps them alive in a barrel attached to his dock. He was able to replenish his supply last Thursday. The shrimp are probably gone now but I will try to get some tomorrow for this weekend.

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Where did y’all get the live shrimp ?

The coldest I’ve ever been in my life was in a boat on the river at night. It was only about 40 degrees, but the combination of the wind and wet air had me so cold and miserable I almost wanted to die. And I was wearing insulated coveralls!

If you’re lucky enough to be fishing, you’re lucky enough.