Last week a lot of deer movement. Despite the warm weather we are still seeing a lot of deer. A week ago set up a new stand in the woods near a lot of scrapes and rubs. My buddy shot a doe over a plot nearby in the field (I’m on the woods)and a few minutes later I hit a grunt call and about 30 seconds later buck comes trotting in. From the time I saw him to the time I shot was maybe 15 seconds I took the first shot he gave me bc I was honestly worried he was going to get too close and bust me bc he was trotting right towards the stand. Shot him at 20 yards. Exciting morning, not the biggest buck but he was a heavy deer, kinda short and fat, and had decent mass on the antlers. I’m not a product endorser by any means but about maybe 10 min before he came in I opened a jar of code blue tarsal gland that my buddy talked me into buying the night before, I forgot it was in my pocket opened it in the stand for a few min bc that’s all I could stand then closed itt, grunted and he came right in. Not sure if it had anything to do with it but figured I would share . Anyways great morning between the three of us we shot 2 and saw 14 , 4 bucks 10 does. Bamberg county. Haven’t posted a pic in so long I’ll follow up when I figure it out








Nice buck congrats.