12-16-15 pics and video

Headed to the jetties 12-16-15. Caught 10-12 reds. All too big except for one in the slot. Had 2 black drum, a slot red, flounder, and tautog for the cooler. All were caught on shrimp. Also picked up my first tagged fish! Pretty steady action all day. Beautiful day in mid December! Video here https://youtu.be/foadQKRvbhc

mighty fine

Cool spots on that tagged red

2000 SeaPro 180CC w/ Yammy 115 2 stroke
1966 13’ Boston Whaler w/ Merc 25 4 stroke “Flatty”


2005 Sea Chaser 1950CC
115 Suzuki

I see someone else like the south jetty’s

looks like a nice day.

Those must have been real mean fish to rip your jeans like that! Great picts.