Braced for a really cold morning but never really seen it…lol…well at least it wasn’t 20 something degrees like they were calling for. Had bought my bait friday morning from lake world so I wouldn’t have to drive there then drive all the way back through lex (live in redbank). Richard has some really nice herring some up to 8". Anyway long story short even with a light on them they got WAY too cold in my tank. Most didn’t really look that great but would have to work. Had Seth grab some more on his way over.

Finally got in the water and wind was do able and looked like it was going to be a nice day. Quickly had a few short strikes but nothing really to turn around for. Finally hooked up good on a nice fish but lost it boat side. Hooked up again and it was a GOOD fish. Moving .6mph is slowed us down to .2mph during the fight; but came unglued. hooked up one more time and lost it also…I was cussing big time. Knowing I was going to be using larger bait than normal I jumped up to a 3/0 but did’t quite like the design of the hooks. I said I had enough and switched back to the old 2/0. Didn’t lose another fish today.

Many more little pull backs but only 6 good hits and 6 good fish. Biggest was Seth’s personal best; A 9# on the digital. As we were running out of bait and getting things buttoned up found them stacked big time, but of course no bait. No fish shallow today most in the channels. Couple fish on weight-less lines but all good fish on weighted floats and planers.

21’ Hewes Craft Custom
115 Evinrude

Great day on the water today! Heading back out tomorrow so I should have a report for tomorrow. Thanks again Chip.

“Reel Obsession”
Sea Hunt BX 22 Pro
Yamaha 150 HP