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Hey, we have a 14 ft flat bottom jon boat. This winter we are fixing her up and puttin the 5hp and seats, wiring, gas container, and all on her. I want to be able to fish the flats with this boat (dont do alot of that but will with this baby) I have no poling platform or anything. We are going to put our small trolling motor on it but i need a push pole. So for a 14ft boat what size pole would i need. Im a cheap 13 year old so im getting a wooden dowel rod from lowes what size and what foot would be needed idk but i guess the flats are mud so im not sure of a good foot, its a semi thread rod so the foot be able to be screwed on also imma use a 6 foot anchor pin with screws for grip. thanks for the help.

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Hey yakman, I’m a cheap 58 year old and I use a dowel rod also:sunglasses:Works fine for me. 1 1/2" diameter. I think the longest you can buy is 10’ and that should be OK for your boat. I fiberglass another 4’ section to a 10’ to get the length I need. This cracker ain’t spending $500 on a stick [:I]

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Hey Yakman, I have a 10’ closet rod that works pretty good. Had a 14’ Alumacraft that I pushed around a good bit. Now we use it on a 14’ Mckee. Get you a closet rod from lowes or hd and go to one of the tackle shops and get a set of duck bills. They work good on firm bottom as well as in mud.

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I’m also rehab’ing an old 14’ aluminum hull. But, after fishing drift boats in Canada a while back, I’m taking a different approach, oars. I bet I can move the boat faster and quietly with oars. The only draw back that I see is that a poling platform gives a better perspective, easier to spot fish.

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call a lumber yard like buck lumber and they will normally carry the closet rod in 16’ lengths.
10’ will work, but its a little on the short side, especially if the water gets a little deeper


Thanks for the help guys ill look around when i get the money, about how much are they? im thinkin a duck foot like yall how much damage to my wallet is this gonna do. Also where do i stand in my boat no platform wheres the best to pole from? also if you guys wanna post pics of your rigs so i can get an idea of how to set it up thanks again!

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I agree 10 foot is too short. I used a 16 foot dowel but sealed it with poly urethane to keep the water out. Worked very well on a 16 foot john boat.e

rear bench seat works great
a duck bill works great


Get a closet rod pole from a good independent building supply, not Slowes or Homeless Depot, and it will be fine. You can get up to 16’ at most building supplies.

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This is what I do

Plywood over hole in the back with cooler on top. I got my pole from a guide. it was broken and paid 50 bucks for 16ft of a stiffy hybrid. transom mount freshwater trolling motor has lasted 3 years in the salt so far. still kicking. pvc pipe rod holders. can’t beat it.

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flyfishin that looks like a good setup! what type of plywood is that? is it stationary or do you keep it on the bow until u get on the flat? how do you keep the noise level down in an aluminum one? I will only have my 5hp merc so cant put alot of weight in the boat. trying to outfit it for fishin but gotta keep the weight down so it doesnt go any slower thanks!

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its just 3/4". sits in the bottom of the boat with a gas tank on top of it when running and trailering so it doesn’t blow up. you’ll always have some hull slap not much you can do for noise except rhino line or the like to keep noise down but won’t help hull slap. I have a 25 yamaha 2 stroke on the back but the first motor was an old school 4hp johnson so i know where your coming from. just experiment you’ll figure it out. some people also use large bamboo to pole with.

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I use an alum. concrete float handle (real light and strong)It comes in 5’ lenghts and puts togeather with push pins , some times I use 2 sections some time 3 Ive had these for years didnt cost much! Fill the ends with spray foam to keep out mud and water. I think they might have them at lowes or home depo.

I use a 2 piece pool pole.
You have to drill a hole in the two sections and put in a pin because the little plastic compression thing will not stand up to the push and pull on the pole. Bought a “duck foot” at Dicks and it fit the pole perfectly. The best part is that I can pull the pin and collapse the pole to fit in the boat for traveling.

I used to use an aluminum extendable pool pole. You can push a john boat loaded and two people with no problem. But don’t do like I did and store the pole collapsed down, its completely seized up now and I cant get it to extend out anymore, all I have now is a very awkward length pole anchor.

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i will get the dowel rod or the cheapest actual push ple i can find if i find one online or someone has a used one. now my questionis about the poling platform. i would like to put the lightest low profile boat i can use. i mean im going super light because i have a 5hp. i would have to use the smallest cooler i can find a stringer and a minnow bucket insted of a live well. the heavest thing should be the people. ill have a 6 gallon gas can an anchor 2 seats and would probably use a duck blind on it. So what is a good way to build a homemade platform or get the cheapest one. i wnat a little light one and would have to paint camo also to match the boat. thanks you guys!

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