15 Pound Bonefish OTF (Pic Added)

At a famed downtown Islamorada spot. Will update with a picture when I can find it. Its in the new FFSW mag.

Saw the pic. This guy is good he has caught many double digit bones according to the article.


yea that thing is huge and could easily inhale a blue crab! have you ever seen “In Search of a Rising Tide”, one of howards films. there are these old guides down there talking about a 25lb bone…which we all know dont happen. it is so funny to hear these old mofo’s “Im serwious mon.”

Ya mon, I have that vid. Looking for bonefish in 3-4 ft of water would suck.

Lots know about that spot where it was caught, but I wish they wouldn’t have put it in the write up. I have seen 15+ lb fish there before. Never hooked one though. 12.5 is my best.

wheres the pic?? dont get that mag, and cant get one up here in gtown. taking my micro down there for a week in april…STOKED!!

12.5 is a monster!! [:0] catch it in the spot in question? nice!

Right around the corner at lignumvitae. Those fish at said spot are the wariest I have ever encountered. You even move your rod to begin a cast and they are ferkin gone. I have caught some on spin there before though. Dad bill danced a 14+ lber on spin last spring when it tailed on his shrimp. I had no words when he pulled the hook on it.
Edit: just heard they killed it. I would think they could have put it in a release well and not killed it. At least if they were in an HPX or Marquesa like most are down there. :frowning_face:Oh well thats how it goes. Here she is: The pic doesn’t really do it justice. That is one thick bastard.

I saw that too crazy big fish like a little bulldog with fins… You have got to be good to dedicate yourself to just fishing for the bigguns…congrats to him his big fish resume is really impressive that is dedication

02 Pathfinder 1806

id like to see the stomach contents of a 15lb bone. Ive seen reports in which it was a majority of small clams, shrimp, crabs, the usual. but, obviously, these are the pinicle of bones. that fish is either gravid or ate a sm trout!:smiley:

what a slob!!! shell key??? swash?? is that the new lorelei dock?? scotty d, a fish like that will happily chomp a 6inch snapper


Originally posted by Capt. Newman

what a slob!!! shell key??? swash?? is that the new lorelei dock?? scotty d, a fish like that will happily chomp a 6inch snapper


Land of the giants. The monster my dad wiffed on, was at swash. That is such a great bank and you can slide right off into the lake right in front of it and fish laid up tarpon as well. No shortage of pressure though.

The article just said the closest place with certified scale. that place has lifts which the lorelei does not.

givin me goosebumps just thinkin’ about that area!!! will start 7 14hr fishing days, sun april 12, 3 days after full moon, low at shell key channel 6:10, .3ft, sunrise 7:03. Perfect!! should have from dawn to @8 with minimum compettition and maximum #'s of fish big enough to need monroe co. license plates. gonna be interesting to see how those fish react to my micro, as reds up here seem oblivious (usually)… how much of the cheeca burned??

Don’t know much bout the cheeca deal. Your micro is going to be awesome for those crawler bones. I bottomed out in HPXV trying to get to some of those big boys. Most of the time though, esp for most tailers and mudders its fine. Low incoming at the swash, mid incoming at shell. Swash was better for us than shell the last times I was down there. The big fish numbers are on a steady decline. The 15lbers are a dying breed. Got this one at lignumvitae in june.

This one the day before. I told Dad to really fill up the frame the next day. :lol

check pm

cheeca fire http://www.miamiherald.com/505/story/834513.html

Hot dayum I need to catch a bonefish!

Pillage and plunder with a 9wt and a fist full of clousers.

Hunter, 2 questions. 1. When did you receive your issue of FFSW? I have not received mine yet. 2. Where in Islamorada is Swash? I am familiar with the other spots. I am planning a trip there at the end of May or first of June and usually stay at the Breezy Palms,does anyone else have any recommendations? Thanks, Mike

Swash is the whole bank behind the wheel ditch. Great tailing spot on the incoming tide. Real long bank but there are obviously different red zones on it. Don’t really feel like I am giving away spots since these areas are very well known, like saying bullyard or copahee. As far as advice, book a guide now if you are going to. Its going to be hard as it is since most of the good ones have tarpon season booked year to year by the same week long clients.

My dad gets all the mags and then gives em to me when he is done. Don’t know when he got it.

Hunter, Thanks for the info. I hope it wasn’t inappropriate asking for info on Keys spots, I would never do or expect that for local areas. Again thanks for the help. Mike

No Prob mike. Those areas are PUBLIC knowledge. No worries. Although I am sure a choice few would have words with me. :lol

Let me know if you need some names. Although I can’t guarantee availability during peak tarpon time. If you trailer, fishing the ocean is pretty easy. Pick a spot on their line, stake out, and throw at em until your arm hurts.