16' Fiberglass Shrimp Poles

Used probably 15 times, 5 orange and 5 yellow 16’ fiberglass poles from Mike in Newberry. I would alternate yellow, orange to kind of help knowing where you were at when shrimping at night.
They have the reflective tap, plastic points, several of my old tags taped over each year. I never had any problems with them. I kept them tucked in the rafters of my carport roof since new, so they don’t have any UV exposure.

In Greenwood, SC.


Same as shown in this thread (not my pic):


I will do the 100 bucks. I just need to figure out the logistics. Do you get near Columbia any time?

I could, call me 864.993.8666.


Let me know the sale does not go through. I am in Clinton.

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Are these still available?

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