19 pathfinder reviews

Interested in maybe moving up to a 19 pathfinder. I have researched them and feel like it would be a nice fit. They appear to only have been made for a handful of years. Has anyone ever owned one or been on one? Thanks!

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One complaint is the cockpit/deck drains will take on water with a heavy load or if you walk to the corner of the boat. You can put the ping pong ball scuppers or rabuds to prevent this though.

Had one, Loved it, I just got offered way to much money for it to keep it. Mine was an 04 and had a f115 and jackplate and would run shallow and fished excellent. I liked it way more than my 2200v I had before it. Was the perfect size for 2 people to fish from. Good luck finding one that’s reasonably priced and the 03-04 model years where setup a little nicer than previous years.

I have a 20’ and love it. Its my first boat and pretty much does everything i want of it. Can get v shallow and Ive had it out to Capers and beyond. I put the ping pong ball scuppers on as 16bayfisher mentioned.Have a 150 on it, with a tee top and loaded I max out at 45mph, which for me is plenty, and it sips fuel.

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I have an '05 2000V and know others with the 1900V. Overall very capable inshore boats with excursions to the jetties and nearshore reefs. All above comments are correct. Real world draft is less than 12". Powered with a 115 they are not fast (38-40 mph), but well balanced and very good fuel economy (5-6+ mpg). 150s will run mid to upper 40s, but the extra weight requires some tab to keep from porpoising (trim tabs are standard). Another quirk is that with the factory 3 blade prop there is ventilation if the outboard is trimmed up even just a little and taking more than a moderate turn. The cause is a pocket in the transom to be able to raise the mounting height a few inches. A good 4 blade prop will correct this at the expense of some top end speed. A jackplate with also correct by being able to lower the entire outboard. With the Pathfinder name they are all priced on the upper end of the used bay boat market. There are well kept ones out there worth the price. However, there are many the are not maintained and should be passed on.

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Put a Powertech SCD4 on mine and it changed the way the boat handled completely, no tab required, great hole shot, no cavitation. Bought it from skips for under 400$ I was turning 5800 RPM and running 42mph without much trim. These are great hulls but the stern lifting prop is a must.

+1 on a Powertech SCD4 prop. My 2000v with a F115 tops at 5800-5900 rpm and 40 mph with this prop, no tab. Only slight tab is needed at cruise speeds to keep the bow down in the harbor chop.

Iain Pelto
Pathfinder 2000V
'71 Scout “Ugly Duckling”

I agree with the 4 blade options on that boat. Just sold a 23HPS and the 4 blade got it up nicely. Lost some MPH, but 54 seemed to be the top end at WOT for mine…a 3 blade would get it to 60+…but when do you actually need that much speed?


I’d love to have a 20, if anyone wants to sell one