1966 Whaler 13' Project Boat (long & new pics)

Well Rapchizzle and TripleTrouble inspired me to post my project boat and progress. I am super-excited because she’s pretty much ready for a sea-trial.

Background: I was looking for a creek boat, and in a conversation with Chris V decided on an old Boston Whaler due to their stable and ‘unsinkable’ reputation and the fact that my kids will use it eventually. Also, we had a similar one when I was a kid and there is a certain nostalgia involved.

I found this one (1966 13’) on Craigslist in Daytona FL with a 25 Merc 4 stroke that is a '06 bought new in '08. Almost brand new. Got a fair deal on the package and brought it home (in the snowstorm!)

Here is what the transom looked like for starters. Lots of holes.

Some immediate items to address were a puncture in the transom where an old motor mount washer was crushed through the glass.

Also the Norman Pin on one side was torn away from its hole.

The transom holes were filled with dowels coated in epoxy and filled in with fairing material. The crushed portion of the transom was ground down and repaired with a hefty stack of fiberglass layers.

Also the Norman pin was removed and the glass was repaired and filled and faired.

Along the way, I also replaced all the thru hull drains with PVC, incl. transom, bulkhead, and 3 in the bow locker.

Since I am just trying to get the boat ready for a few years of use, I chose to paint with EasyPoxy, or rather the West Marine knockoff of it. Despite its name, its not epoxy but rather urethane paint. Its a

Very cool!!!

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Very Nice! I know 2 boys that will have fun this summer!

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Very nice there Optiker!!

Russ B.
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That boat can hit land at 2am at about 20mph and not break apart, with 3 6th graders onboard…Im just sayin.

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Great job and a nice addition to the family.

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Nice rig. I think the blue looks good.

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love the elbow grease.

great job!!!

yakkin, yeah lots of that, and blood sweat and, well no tears (yet)
Thanks for all the comments guys!

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Man those little Whalers are great. We had on when I was a teenager. Used to load it up and go out past the jetties to fish. Doesn’t do too well in rough seas at fast speed though…thats why we nicknamed the boat the “Fractured Ass”. Really do miss that boat.

Gorgeous! Did you repaint the bottom hull?

I just picked up a 67 Whaler myself and am in the process of repainting the bottom. Any tips would be GREAT! This is my first project and I am extremely eager to get it finished!


GregRo - PM reply sent!
BTW the motor is a 25 4 stroke. A bit heavy (165#) but I was very happy with its performance. The motor came with the boat when I bought it.

2000 SeaPro 180CC w/ Yammy 115 2 stroke
1966 13’ Boston Whaler w/ Merc 25 4 stroke

Optiker, may need some advice, just picked up a 14’ Mckee and going to restore it. Will be perfect for my son in a few years.

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oldschool - cool. just send me a PM

2000 SeaPro 180CC w/ Yammy 115 2 stroke
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Very nice Op…very talented refirb.

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Thanks claim!

Check this out, I looked through some old family photo albums to see what model the Whaler from my childhood was, and found these. What’s cool is the Whaler was a Sport 13, which is the same model as I have…

My Mom on foreground, and my Uncle at the wheel (from 1965)

My Dad in foreground, with me in the little plastic boat (pic probably 1971)

Both my parents are deceased, so its kinda cool to see these.

2000 SeaPro 180CC w/ Yammy 115 2 stroke
1966 13’ Boston Whaler w/ Merc 25 4 stroke

Thats great Optiker! Good find. Now I just need to get mine finished up.

We should have the sanding done this weekend on the hull and hopefully finish up the epoxying.


Really great post!!! Congrats on the nice job, and “recycling” a very good 'ole whaler! Hope you get many years of fun out of her!

What exactly is a Norman Pin?

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I didnt know either until I asked about the cleats through the rear bulkhead and was corrected by the Whaler afficionados. Proper name is “Norman Pins” :slight_smile:

2000 SeaPro 180CC w/ Yammy 115 2 stroke
1966 13’ Boston Whaler w/ Merc 25 4 stroke