1st Post on the New Forum

First Post on the new site. Looking forward to checking it out, so far it looks modern, user friendly, and a welcome addition.

Thanks Admin

Now, how do I get a set of keys?




Looks like its gonna work just fine


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Thanks for all the time and effort by ADMIN… Great Job!


thanks for the updated forum. However, I couldn’t log in using my original name and password. I had to reset the password.

Hey @sea_tonic

For most users the passwords will migrate over. If your old password was less than 6 characters, or it matched your username, it will not work with the new forum (due to security policies).

I’m glad to see you made it to the new forum though, sorry for the inconvenience!

The reason for not being able to login under the original username is due to migrating an underscore for spaces. If you don’t use an underscore for the space, then you won’t be allowed in unless you use your email address.

Might want to post a message regarding this topic because many won’t remember the original email address… Just a change management suggestion…


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Looking great so far!! Thanks Admin… :grinning:

Hey Uncle Nutz… Welcome aboard!

I gots some folks in mind to use this new emoji on… :fu:

Not you of course… :beers:


Somehow I managed to figure it out…? LMAO! Cheers, RBF! :grinning: