1st Shrimp Outing of the 2022 Season | Charleston SC | Rod Bent Fishing

This was our first trip out on 9/20 for this year. Half a cooler full, had to work for it. Great conditions for the boat, light wind, light current, clear night. Driving the boat was easy the FIL said. Tossing the net was easy too. Nice size shrimp, but never a lot on the net.

When you set your poles in line with the current lts like you are working the same “stream” over and over. The shrimp change depth as the tide rises and if all your poles are the same depth and the shrimp move from 5’ deep to 4’ deep your run is over and you go home with 1/2 cooler

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Far better size that what we got two nights ago, but we were well south of you. Thanks for posting!

The video was fun to watch. Nice net throws!

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LOL @ construction site portopotty… I just went and washed my own dam hands haha

Good stuff, thanks for sharing :+1: I dig the lights too, at first I thought they were bait holders that slid down the pole and kept the bait close… now there’s an idea!


I made bait holders that slide down the poles forty years ago.Not as good as I thought it would be. I do believe that some clay or marl will hold the bait balls together too well.The fish meal needs to be able to dissipate.

We used to do South BB, but lost the Romain Retreat ramp we used. So night shrimping at Garris with the gate shutting is no good for us.

That gate!! I forgot the lady’s name In charge there but they think they have ownership to access Bulls Bay. I can’t think of another boat landing anywhere that has a gate that closes The same witch that controls that gate wanted to pass a regulation that we couldn’t put bait in the bay!! One night we gathered our poles up and headed toward Garris and ran over a rope in one of the creeks and by the time we solved the problem the gate shut. We called and somebody showed up with a key and a crappy rude attitude and bitched about how long it took to load the boat on the trailer. Perhaps it’s time to make another push to get rid if that gate!

while we’re at it lets dredge out garris too! its getting too shallow at low tide.

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They have dredged ut many times. But dump the spoil where it slides right back in. Quickly.

man i gotta wait until mid tide to get my boat out there lol.

bro those old bait binder balls were STINKY.

Just put in at buck hall

that’s what we do for shrimping, but for fishing i don’t want to spend 7 bucks every time i launch the boat. :slight_smile:

Nicely done! I haven’t shrimped at night in a while but might have to give it a go in a few weeks when I’m down at Edisto. I like the lights on the poles. My dad is blind as a bat at night so might have to look into something like that. Nice to see yall work together easily, my dad will push push push when we start catching and after throwing/hauling a heavy @ss net for a few hours words get exchanged :crazy_face:

FIL been shrimping around here for about 20 years now. Too hard for him to toss a net now a days, so he drives, i toss. I picked it up pretty quick. The lights help out big time.

Mind if I ask where you got the pole lights?

That’s a love/hate relationship about dredging. I don’t have any trouble getting my 18 foot SeaFox out at low tide unless it’s super negative.
However, when I get my 22 foot I’ll want it dredged.

yeah i love fishing out of garris, but that R180 sits so low :frowning:
what’s this talk of 22’ ?