1st Trip of Season

Me 63 in a month, partner 82 with new pacemaker ticking and kicking we headed out. Got to gas station and realized we forgot to take off trolling motor, so back to his house. We did not want to leave I Pilot in truck at landing. Then on the way we had trailer problems and got to Remelys late. Due to a good chop in harbor, went to one of my old spots up Wando. By the time we stuck poles and made bait it was about 20 minutes after dark, which is not good in the river. Waited 10 minutes and caught 1/4 cooler first run. After 5 passes we had between 1/2 an 3/4 cooler and had enough. I say we had about 35 pounds. Wife had me a nice plate made, but I popped dem heads and peeled and cooked me some bugs. had to get that first taste of dem fresh shrumps. All in all a good night.

Yessir gotta eat some after the first trip. My opening trip favorite is shrimp and grits. Happy uour partner got back on his feet

He’s tickin and your finger lickin. Good to hear you and the partner are back at it. Thanks for the report.

Key West 1720 - Charleston
Pathfinder 2200 - Savannah