2015 Africa Mission Trip

I will be going to Kenya with a missionary group in September. I have recently visited several church organizations and shared my testimony which involves being born again on a fishing trip almost 3 years ago. If anyone is interested in me coming to your church and sharing my testimony, please give me a call. I can come to your church, Sunday school class or any brotherhood gathering in the name of Jesus Christ. Matthew 4:19 :smiley: Capt Buddy B 803 603 2781

Great work. I just returned from a week long mission of presence in Bayonnais, Haiti. Always one of the best weeks of my year. Acts 20:35.

Send lawyers, guns, and money - The poop has hit the fan.

Awesome! This is my first mission trip! We go in September. I’m traveling with a group of veterans from the Baptist church in Swansea, SC! So blessed! :smiley:Capt Buddy B

God bless you man! Did the same thing my self and it really changed my life. Have been to Triadad on many trips my self. Good luck and God speed!!!

Thank you! I am truly blessed!:smiley:Capt Buddy B

I would love to hear that story Capt!!

I would love to share my experience. My next testimony is at the Methodist Church in Williston, SC on March 18th, at 6:30pm with the men’s brotherhood group. I will gladly come to any church organization and speak, just give me a date and time. My testimony takes about 45 minutes. I’ll post dates and times of future engagements. God Bless!! Capt Buddy B

If it’s your first mission trip, prepare to have your world ROCKED! I’ve been on 9 short-term trips, including 4 to Kenya. My wife and I are currently serving for 2 years in the Middle East. This is our first longer-term trip and we are loving it so far. We are just a month into it. Missions changed everything for us. Missions: not just a suggestion.

Would love to hear about your trip when you get back. Keep sharing your testimony even after you return. Personal testimonies are powerful and God uses them in a mighty way. Excited for you.

If you’re lucky enough to be fishing, you’re lucky enough.

Thank you! I am excited! My trip is the last two weeks in September! I will share my experience after my trip. I have been to several church organizations sharing my testimony and you are right, personal testimonies are powerful and God is using me as a vessel to reach lost souls! All the praise and glory goes to God!:smiley:

God Bless,
Capt Buddy Bizzell
Being on the water is a blessing, catching fish is a bonus!
Matthew 4:19