2016 South Carolina Wahoo Series! Update 4/16

2016 South Carolina Wahoo Series is on!</font id=“navy”>

This will be our 5th year and so far it has been Fantastic, Big Wahoos, Fun for the fisherman and their family, Plus Big payouts!

We would like to invite everyone to come fish!

The Captains meeting will be held on Saturday, January 16th, 2016 at the RedFish restaraunt located in Bluffton. Registration will start at 2:00pm and the meeting will begin at 3:30pm.</font id=“red”>

The Series is a 2 fish aggregate tournament. Captains get to declare 2 fish days between January 29 and April 17th. Captains can weigh 1 wahoo each day. Fish have to be weighed in at Southern Drawl Outfitters in Bluffton, SC by no later than 2:00pm the day after your declared fish day, and yes you can transport it by car. So you can fish from home and come back home.

There will also be a bonus day, captains who fish the 12th Annual Hilton Head Harbor Wahoo Shootout on April 20th-23rd as a seperate tournament, will get a bonus weight of 1.1 points per pound toward the Series weight.</font id=“navy”>

This is a fishing friendly event, put on by fishermen for fishemen!

The awards banquet will be held at Hilton Head Harbor on Saturday April 23, with Great Food and lots of prize give aways!

I look forward to seeing everyone there.

Like us on facebook to keep up with SC Series.

Check out the web site http://www.scwahooseries.com for rules, registration, info and updates.

Thank You
Captain Marc

Team KO with their monster 90.7lb Wahoo that catapolted them into the 2015 Championship!

I wanted to thank Tim and the crew at HMY for joining us as a sponsor partner.

HMY has been a satple in the boating community for a long time, and it is humbling that they think enough of our event to join us.

Dont forget the Captains meeting is January 16th @ redfish restaraunt in Bluffton, SC. Staring @2pm.

Hope to see everyone there!


Happy New Year Everyone!

The 2016 SC Wahoo Series Captains meeting is coming up January 16th!

It should be an other Great year, with, Big Wahoo, Big Payouts and lots of Fun!

Hope to see you all there!

Get Ready! The Captains meeting is 6 days away!

Saturday January 16th, @Redfish Restaraunt, Bluffton, SC 2pm.

Registration is open now, see www.scwahooseries.com for details.

We had a big turnout at the Captains meeting Saturday!
Redfish put out an awsome spread of food and beverages!

With 45 teams signed up so far it looks to be a great season!

Keep in mind registration remains open until January 29th. You still have time to join the fun and excitement!

1st Place $15,000.00 + Calcuttas, and if you win the Series and the Shootout like Team KO did last year you could win over $30,000.00.

Come fish!


2015 SC Wahoo Series Youth Angler winner! Lowcountry Native.

The field is set for the 2016 SC Wahoo Series!

60 boats will compete for the championship!

4 Teams didn’t waste anytime taking advantage of the good fishing before this blow settled in. Wildlife and Mas Pascado/Freeman fished out of Charleston, Riptide and Recovery Room fished out of Hilton Head. The report was an amazing temp breaks in both areas that produced Wahoo, Tuna, dolphin and a visual on a Blue Marlin that was chasing a dolphin clear out of the ocean.

Check out www.scwahooseries.com for the full leader board.

Wildlife takes the lead with a 51.4lb Wahoo!

Riptide weighed a 49.9lb Wahoo

Mas Pescado/Freeman weighed a 43.1lb Wahoo

Recovery Room weighed a 34.3lb Wahoo

With a break in the weather, a couple teams made it out, and produced good fish! Finding bait on the ledge was the ticket.

#12 Sea Scaper weighed this 44lb wahoo today to get on the board. Fishing out of Charleston.

#24 Mo Better weighed this 32.8lb wahoo for their first day. Fishing out of Charleston.

#28 Nomad had an epic day and will weigh in tomorrow. Fishing out of Beaufort.

#13 Southern Drawl Outfitters fishing out of Hilton Head.

It has been an exciting run so far. 19 out of 60 teams have fished and the lead has changed hands several times. The bites have been coming up and down the ledge, and with warm water moving in it should be getting good!

The leaderboard is looking solid with highs 40s up to 60lbs so far. The teams that weighed have put themselves in a great position going into the Shootout!(April 18th-23 open to everyone including you! Check it out www.islandshootout.com

Here are the top 3 leaders. (to see the full leader board checkout www.scwahooseries.com)

#35 Team Mas Pescado has taken the lead this weekend, weighing in a 60.8lb wahoo. That was their final series day and 2nd wahoo weighed. The have 103.9lbs and sit in the top spot!

#53 Wildlife is holding 2nd with their day 1, 51.4lb Wahoo. They have 1 more Series day and the Shootout to catch up. What a great job putting a good one on the board early.

Sitting in 3rd is Team Nomad, the 2012 Champions are looking to make a run. By far they had the best day as far as numbers are concerned, and their 50.9lb day 1 wahoo puts them in a great spot going into the shootout!

One of the most consistent Teams in the Series just fished, and showed it once again! #14 Edisto Outlaw fished Saturday and had a great day, with several large wahoos and one beast #72.4lbs

We also had Sea Daze fishing Saturday out of Charleston. They caught some nice wahoo and weighed a 46.3lber for their Series day one.

Team Mas Pecsado is in the top spot with 103.9lb 2 fish weight. There is a lot of fishing left, so hold on!

Check out the web site scwahooseries.com for the full leader board!

#14 Edisto Outlaws 72.4lb Wahoo

#40 Sea Daze

The clock is ticking, and the leader board is filling out nicely!
The weather has us locked down for a few days, so here is an update on the top 5!

Leading the pack is #25 Reelist, Trey Everret and his crew have put together a solid 2 fish combined weight of 151.7lbs

Not far behind in 2nd, is #11 Tuna Hut, with there 102.1lb monster they have a 2 fish combined weight of 144.7lbs

3rd is held by Southern Drawl Outfitters with their 2 fish combined weight of 134.9lbs.

4th Is held by Gross Tonnage and their 2 fish combined weight of 124.3lbs.

Sitting in 5th place is Team KO with a 2 fish combined weight of 117.3lbs.

checkout wwwscwahooseries.com for the full leader board.

There are several boats left to fish, and several boats with 1 good fish on the board. No lead is safe! The Championship will go down to the bonus day in the 12th Annual Hilton Head Harbor Wahoo Shootout!

What a strong leader board, this years bite has been epic, but we also have a lot more fisherman and women out there wahoo fishing!

Hey if you not in the series come fish the 12th Annual Hilton Head Harbor Wahoo Shootout! Watch the Series drama unfold 1st hand, its a great event, fun for the family, with lots of ways to win, and large payouts!
Check out www.islandshootout.com for information and registration forms.

Thank You!

Tuna Huts 102.1lb Wahoo

It’s official, no boats have declared for tomorrow, the final SC Wahoo Series fish day!

For the 5th year in row the SC Wahoo Series Championship will be decided at the 12th Annual Hilton Head Harbor Wahoo Shootout! This is pretty dam exciting!

The SC Wahoo Series calcuttas, Top Youth, Lady, and Senior Anglers, the 1st team to 100lbs, and the team that has the closet weight to 80lbs have all been determined!

Mas Pescado wins the C&H Lure pack for being the 1st team to 100lbs!

BoatHouse wins a 1 year subscriptions to Hiltons Real Time Navigator SST for finishing the closest to 80lbs, with 79.1lbs.

Team River Dog/HillBilly Hooker clean sweeps the Youth, Lady, and Senior Angler awards!

Here are the Calcuttas and weights.


Here are the Top 5 SC Wahoo Series teams going into the bonus day at the 12th Annual Hilton Head Harbor Wahoo Shootout! There are several teams outside of the top 5 with large fish that are in a great position to make a run in the Shootout!

Reelist 151.7lbs
Tuna Hut 144.7lbs
Southern Drawl Outfitters 134.9lbs
Edisto Outlaws 129.4lbs
Gross Tonnage 124.3lbs

Its amazing that 2 teams have a fish over 100lbs, and they are not leading! This is going to be one heck of a Shootout! Visit scwahooseries.com for the full leader board.

Hold on, stay tuned, come fish!!