2023 - Youngen Style Charters 1st trip out

Went out today looking for Ol’ Red. Excited about that low tide, calm water scenario and we found the fish…but only managed to get 1 in and missed several more. We found over 300 fish today and they were feeding, just didn’t like the arteries as much as anticipated. We chased 2 that were over 45" in a creek that were feeding right after the tide swing…we thought they were dolphins at first but once we got into casting distance they disappeared into the ditch that we couldn’t access. Both fish were over 30 lbs. This was a fantastic day despite the number of fish caught versus what was seen. 90% were over slot fish!
Youngen Style


Awesome report! thanks for sharing your pics. I’m dying to go man it’s been like 4 or 5 weeks for me. I should have went yesterday.

Really great report. Love the pics!

Try some of those scented plastics on the bottom with just a little bit of movement.

Great report and pictures!

Great pics. That’s a lot of fish.

Man that looks like a lot of fun.

Now there’s a day to remember! Thanks for the inspiration. Some sweet pics too👌