25th Annual JMT creek Slam MCVL

This is a great tournament that helps the local children. This year they have added a calcuta for bonus cash. Hope to see a lot of folks there. Enter early for a free T-shirt. If you don’t have a boat send me a PM I will have some room on mine.


Fyi the Online registration has not been updated it is $55 Adult $20 for Child

For those of us that don’t know, tell us about Josh Thomas.

He as a young man that died in a 4-wheeler accident. I did not know him personally and I was away in the service when it happened in 2008. In 2009 the Creek Slam in its 18th year was renamed and became a memorial tournament. From the stories I have been told by those that did know him said he was a great kid, liked by all, star basketball player, and valedictorian of Archibald Rutledge which is now named Cape Romaine environmental education charter school (Creecs)which puts on the tournament.

Still time to register, I hope yall come out for some competition that raises money for some great school kids and a School that promotes environmental stewardship.

Is CREECS the only place to drop off registration?

fshunman pm sent

I jus t confirmed it with the school. You can either drop it off at the school this week prior to 3pm or you can come to the capt meeting on Friday between 6-8 at the Town hall/boat ramp and register there. You will need to attend the meeting if you don’t already have a launch permit to receive the one for contestants

Thanks for the info.

Ok here is a rumor has it update…unconfirmed but pretty good source there may be a silent auction for a in the box signed clemson football from dabo and a signed poster of a Clemson player to be announced