28 Aug 2019

At the ledge, feed the fish all day . Short strikes , blah, blah, blah.
Couldn’t ask for a nicer day, 25 mph out 35 mph in. It was flat as a pancake , just beautiful out there.
A few other boats in the area but not a lot of chatter.

I am already for the upcoming storm , gas, generator ready, the boss did food shopping and I picked up some ice, beer & booze. I’m ready .i

Maybe a block party,

Same same. Good bird activity but no troll fish to show for it.

Next time try deep and slow. .25-1 mph and let your baits get down real deep like 100ft. The fish are there.

Lighten up your gear if it’s super calm and clear. The short strikes can be dummy fish like little Jack’s or small cudas.