2nd Hunt Day -YS

So far 2 days of hunting has had my youngen listening to her heart racing, her dogs chasing, and snack food tasting her way to the beginning of 2023 deer season! She has got to see / hear 14 deer within 30-50 yards with those deer dogs in hot pursuit…I call her Youngen Style!
AKA “Da Deer Magnet”


No way, she is THE shark magnet, and trouts and reds, lol.

We DO NOT want to lose the fishing reports, so keep the hunting in check please lol.

Saint Hubert would agree,nothing like good dogs and a good chase. What kind of dogs is them anyway? I know they’re deer dogs.lol

Too dang hot to hunt right now. Between the het, the bugs and Mr. No Shoulders, I always preferred to wait til the morning chill.