3-14-23 Hunting Woo's

We were excited for the beautiful weather, so the plan was to troll the day. Started at the South Ledge about 8;00am and worked the ledge north, Picked up a good blackfin, continued up thru SWBs to Ghole and back to south ending at SWB’s about 4:00 Not the first wahoo strike! Stopped for some bottom critters in 60’ which topped off the trip with 2 limits of gorgeous BSB,s (15-17"). Still great day on the ocean and seared tuna and fried sea bass for Sunday’s family feast! :sunglasses:



Definitely looks like some good eats.

Thanks for the pics, and report.

Nice to see you back!!

I had a last minute invite to head offshore Wednesday, but bailed, due to my thoughts on the offshore wind forecast.

Might should’ve taken it?

Nice haul for the day!

Thanks, happy to be back! Took a bad fall while standing on top of the boat last feb. 10/23 pressure washing. Landed back first on the trailer jack from about 7 feet, (eight broken ribs/collapsed lung/one broke verbra) trip to icu for a week and the 2023 season was over! Currently not 100% but alive and ready for this year. Warning! Please take my advice don’t stand on the up of your boat which I’ve done many times in the past while cleaning it. Not Again lol :sunglasses:

Very nice!


And that’s why I’ve never washed a boat!
I hope you get back to 100% real soon T.
Good luck hunting those Woos.

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