3/19 and Baby Terrapin

Decided to go out for a few hours with my dad on the last hour of incoming tide because the wind died down and the sunset looked to be awesome. Was able to land 5 trout between 10”-15” before the tide went slack and the bite shutoff. A lot more hits, but we had to work the baits so slow on the bottom it was tough to get them all. All were caught on a 1/4 oz Trout eye Jig Head, Yellow Color, paired with a 3inch Matrix Shad Creole color.

Again tried to make sense of sheepshead fishing but to no avail. Tried using fiddlers and bottom sweeper jigs, even found a few mud crabs to use. I figure they might have all moved offshore already, or March just being hard to fish again. At least going out with my dad and seeing the sunset made it worth it.

*Last picture is a baby diamondback terrapin (I think) I found while getting fiddlers. Reported the sighting to SCDNR and put him back.


Some pretty cool markings on the turtle. Looks Iike hieroglyphics…


really cool

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Great pics! Thanks for sharing👍

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Great stuff, thanks too…

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Cool turtle. It doesn’t seem like you see them like you used to.

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