Got in an afternoon hunt. Set up on edge of field. Two gobbled behind me and one in front. The one in front showed himself at 100yards. Stared me down for 10 minutes and then walked back into woods. Must not have liked my setup.
Next day only heard one gobble and saw one run across field. Tried to cut him off and tried to get him at 60 yards and missed. This morning all was silent and no action.

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60 yards and missed.

Why am I not surprised? 60yd shot[:0], desperation is Hell when it takes over!

That was my son and he was chasing it on foot. Came within 20 yaRDS AFTER HE MISSED BUT BY THEN HE WAS IN THICK COVER AND SON DID NOT SHOOT.
I never get overly excited on turkeys. I go mainly for my son and I like calling them. In fact, I did not carry gun most of the time.
I’ve been meaning to ask you for your scouting report for me.
The other year when you told me they were by fence you were right on.

Hunting, fishing, and poker are my sports. Work when necessary.

Your hunting tales never cease to amaze me. Chasing a turkey and shooting at it, never heard of that technique.

one thing we are not, and that is boring.
I was in S Africa 2 weeks ago. Ate Kudu, warthog, wildebeest. 22 of people in my audience got food poisoning. My flight home was cancelled and I had to stay overnight. So I entered a poker tournament and won.

Hunting, fishing, and poker are my sports. Work when necessary.