3/31/09, 380

Left at 5am nice sea. we ran out and in at 35 mph. Lines in just off the ledge, water temp was steady going up from the 60’s. Picked up a nice dolfin in 350’65 degree water, worked our way out to a 1000’ plus nothing, water temp 72. Turned back in missed two on the planner and lost a hoo off the shotgun. Some flyers out, not alot. Finished with bottom fishing putting 30 or so nice bottom fish in the box. Highlite of the day the guys petted the propous swimming along with us offshore and on the way out ran past a nice school of sun fish. Just a great day to be alive and on the water. Thank you Lord.

Good to see you had a good day.

Hey Local Boy are you chartering for somebody or just recreational fishing. Also i don’t have a valid phone number for you. send me an e-mail craig.ramsey22@comcast.net.

Fishing is the chance to wash one’s soul with pure air.