36V Lithium Trolling Motor Battery

About to pull the trigger on new trolling motor and battery. After some research I am comfortable with going with one 36v lithium battery. Anyone have any experience with these? What amp hour rating did you go with?

I have never heard of such a thing until your post. I googled them very interesting. Depending on the brand only 30 to 40 lb. And the price is not that crazy considering I have almost $1,200 into 3 batteries I have now.
Hope somebody with some experience with them response to your thread.
If you pull the trigger please keep us updated.
My batteries are 4 years old I can still run pretty much all day. But I’m sure it’s not long before I need to replace them.

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Might look into the LIfePo4 batteries over lithium seeing as how you are already going to spend the money. The lithium is definitely a superior battery, but they are dangerous to charge still, and once burning you pretty much cannot put it out. Lithium burns super hot and very fast. Even for my RC monster trucks I have to charge the Lith batteries in charge bags because of how often they catch fire. I would never charge one unattended. Just food for thought.

As far as amp hours? Get the most you are willing to afford, the Lif and Lith batts will run longer and stronger than a lead acid, all day everyday. And they don’t develop a memory so you don’t have to worry about it killing itself while its not on charge and partially discharged. Good luck

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I am looking at Tournament Lithium. They are Lefepo4 lithium ion phosphate. I feel comfortable with all the pros using these no word of fire issues.

Also subscribing to this thread; my batteries are about four years old now and I’ll be looking to replace them probably next season. I can get about 5 good hours loaded down before I start to feel a lag.

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I can attest to how good they work in a golf cart. My Neighbor had his swapped over to a LI pack and it is fantastic. A fraction of the weight, charges quicker and he said he was guaranteed 10 years. Some place in Summerville / Charleston did the swap for him. He never told me a price. Keep us informed! The same place offers 36, 48,& 60vdc packs.

Just a thought, you made need special charger for Lithium…


You are correct they require a special charger, however I pulled the trigger today on a Tournament Lithium 36V 100AH. I will keep everyone posted. To say I am excited to give it a try would be an understatement.