38 years ago today

Hung up the combat boots.
Da mn I am getting old.


August 11,1992. I was the black sheep of the family. Dad and his four brothers all made it 25+ years, his two sisters married military men that retired. Both my Brothers retired… I hated being stuck in N.D. got offered and early out after Desert Storm… took it and ran. Had big plans to go to Saudi Arabia and do some freelance Electronic Warfare work… met my wife and still here in Walterboro loving life.

Not old OTC, just experienced.


Thank you both for your service.

I tried but was hit by a drunk driver in 1983. Ruined my life before I ever had a chance.

Sorry to hear that tbone.

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Thanks brother. Stump knows me and I’ve been a member since this place has been.

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Thanks for your service.

Thank you for coming back complete! Many didn’t