3D Printed Mold AND Catch!

My hobbies have come full circle!

Caught 4 reds and two flounder several weeks ago during the cold snap. 36 degrees!!! All under a dock with an oysterbed

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That’s awesome, congrats on catching fish on a lure you made!

I bet there’s the same sense of satisfaction there as the guys that tie their own flies and then catch a trout on it.

Nice going!

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Good stuff

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Wow man that’s really cool.

Yep! I took my time and designed in the exact detail of a finger mullet. About 4” with two bottom fins and it even has scales. The only down side is the lure comes out dull which obviously isn’t a problem fir the fish….I can make 12 in about 20 minutes. Which isn’t too bad

if your interested in making a little money for your hobbie, I would love to buy a dozen and report back. Just PM me if interested. i’ll be doing boat maintenance next weekend and fishing soon after.

Yo @23sailfish have you seen any deals on engine oil? Last year you posted on some oil you found on sale literally 1 day after I paid top dollar for mine.

ha! No, not lately. I’m too busy chasing kiddos to look for deals lately!