4/11/16...Got2Go (kinda, sorta)

Mr. Keys and I decided to go for a little Carolina Gold today, but for a change, things didn’t work out for us. Things went as planned with the rods rigged with some of Captain Ed’s finest and some beautiful ballyhoo from Haddrell’s Point. We left Remley’s before 5am and were prepared for the ocean that awaited the old Pioneer 197SF. With things all strapped down and our bibs on, we cleared the jetties and headed out. A few stops were made heading out to check on the Marsh Tacky outriggers, as well as the VHF mount, rods, etc. The ride was “fun”, but this wasn’t mine, nor Mr. Keys first rodeo, :wink:. Around 9 miles out, I heard a clicking and slowed down to check things out. Outriggers looked awesome, but there is the VHF antenna just hanging port side due to the brand new bracket being sheared off. Oh my! So, safety first, right? Reluctantly, we headed back in as numerous dolphin and wahoo cheered!

Now, if only Marsh Tacky or Pioneer boats would make VHF antenna mounts, I’d be good to go.

I thought it would be nicer today than it is. Bouy is reading 3 @ 4.3.

Pioneer 197

Not fun in anything under 30 feet


Oyster Baron

NMFS = No More Fishing Season

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Not allowed good weather once the bite is on…

Bummer…was thinking of taking the lil yella fella, but forecast did not look as good as I would have liked.


You could have stuck it in one of the rocket launchers, but the next wave would likely have “Launched” it.

Olde Man Charters

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You could have stuck it in one of the rocket launchers, but the next wave would likely have “Launched” it.

Olde Man Charters

I tried that on the last one I broke, :wink:. I’m just glad that it broke close to the rocks. Otherwise, there is a good chance I’d still be trolling right now and be in harms way if something bad happened. Oh well. O-Sea-D Boatworks, like always, already took care of me and I’m ready to tear it up again next week.

I heard of a boat way bigger than yours turning around…

DUCT TAPE!!! I would have pushed on further… But then again, I also have a sat phone and a PLB…

We turned around around today as well… Knew it was a bad sign when we passed two boats (25-28ft range) coming back into the jetties at 4:30am! Made it about 12 miles out pushing 15knots and decided it wasn’t worth it. Been there done that too many times and now my back pays the price. Good luck to those who braved it anyway. Screw the weather man

Yeah we were rigged and ready and went from plan a, 226 to plan B, Georgetown to plan C, SW Banks to plan D - the gardens! Got some groceries but not a lot. Managed to float the beanbags in my bow ‘pool’ on a couple of occasions! Good to be out, better to be back.

26’ Glacier Bay

The dolphin are moving in. Give it a few weeks and the bite should be hot! Rough out there today but got better way off. Ride home was nice.

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Andy, sounds like ya made the right decision. Safety first!



Well we headed out as well today at 3ish AM in the dark and at the end of the jetties it was 6-8ft chop and we where going real slow to deal with it and I was watching the waves come seriously close to coming over the bow while whipping the water out my eyes. A short time after (probably 4-430)we left the end of the jetties the radio sounded off with a message of be careful and safe we just took some waves over the bow and it is like ten footers at the end of the jetties. Like Magezzi we changed the game plan several times, go slow and wait for it to die down then it turned to it would take to long to get to good hoo water and the lures probably wouldn’t run good so we opted for just bottom fishing some good numbers, which also got an audible because of to rough and long ride. So we ended up bouncing around some numbers at the garden and picking a way at some bottom dwellers with a few other boats that seemed to have done the same thing based on the gear in the holders. This was the roughest stuff I have been on in a small boat (22ft). The first time I ever got sea sick and I even had to dry heave some yellow stuff a couple times and then another guy started feeling bad also so we called it a day early, I slept almost the whole ride in about 12-1. Things I learned to today maybe I do get sea sick, the forecast can be way off, a rough ride is a quiet ride and got2go is definitely king of the mosquito fleet because it was rough day to be in a 19.

Got2Go let me know if you figure out something to remedy that antenna mount breakage issue. I’m gonna go broke buying those $50+ mounts. I have a broke one now.

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Maybe we will get to use these bad boys next week!

We made the right decision… wish we could have fished, but stuff happens. Thanks for keeping a clear head bud.

We crush em next time

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ooh, what’d ya get?

The Morris Island Lighthouse www.savethelight.org

Gonna have a nice bend in that leader about 5’ from the hook! :slight_smile:

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ooh, what’d ya get?

The Morris Island Lighthouse www.savethelight.org

They are Andys but the new 2 speed squalls… Can’t wait to hear them zinnnnnnngggggg

“mr keys”