4-12 Ledge/Y73

Left Wapoo landing at 515 in route to the warmer waters just off the ledge and found what we were looking for. Water temp was 73-74 in 220ft of water. Trolled for about an hour with no action so we came in to 170ft of water at 69 degrees. Trolled for about 2 hours with no action and lots of frustration, and then finally a knock down. We were running two planers, a number 4 and a number 8 with wahoo whackers attached and the hoo hit my small rod on the long rigger. Took about 100 yards of line on a hard first run. Got about 50 yards of line back and he took a good non characteristic wahoo jump and threw the hook. Looked to be in the 50-60lb range. Frustration kicked in a little harder at that point. We trolled for about another hour and had no action so we headed to Comanche for some meat for the crew. Arrived to a parking lot and no room to anchor so we headed to Y73 where we were the only boat around. Got anchored up good on the old Helen Tug and limited out on b-liners and big BSB’s. Headed in at around 330 with a packed box. Ocean was like a lake and ran in at 45mph. Disappointing trolling day and from everyone I spoke to on the radio; no one was doing much of anything. I like reading the posts where people are catching mahi already. Ill gives them a try soon.

at least you were able to get some meat - sounds like we are a few weeks out from being prime time on the water, too bad since you had good wx conditions.

25’ SeaPro