4/13 Aggravating bird

Didn’t realize I had a text from my buddy this morning saying he didn’t feel good and was going to sit this one out until I was standing in his driveway at 6:08. Being the gentleman that I am I opted not to go smoke the bird we had been chasing the past 2 days on his place and wound up 10 miles away on a bird that has **** me every Sunday since the season started. Walking in late I felt I had about a 2% chance of killing this rascal but proceeded to where he has been hanging out with his girlfriends. Got to my listening spot and he was in a different spot than he has been and an opportunity presented itself for me to setup right where I needed to be. He hammered on it in the tree for about 25 minutes and flew down still gobbling pretty good. Had 3 other birds ganged up to my right about 250yds out hollering and this one to my left 100yds away now hollering, the plan was coming together nicely. Yelped 3 times and all of them answered and the bird to my left hammered at about 90yds. Looked to my right and had a hen coming in and I started to hear the one to the left walking. Just as he hit the gap I needed him to hit he hammered on it and I flattened him at 43 yds. Left before another one showed up as the other 3 were closing the distance quick like. Heck of a week so far. Also, shot him with one of those on SBE2 guns since 20ga’s belong in the dove field or if your taking a kid! Bwahaha! 18lbs on the dot, 1 1/4 spurs, skinny beard but 11 1/2" long.

hell yea!

2000 Scout 175 Sportfish

Nice one!